Michael had his first experience of contributing to corporate non-executive boards and dealing with non-executive board members, whilst being a member of the extended Executive Committee of Avaya starting in 2007.
Avaya those days was privately held by Silverlake and TPG and today he’d say, that this experience definitely prepared him for his role as executive director at NCR, a role which I took over in 2014.

He has intensive experience with the cadence of a stock traded company, quarterly earnings calls, annual/bi-annual shareholder/investor/analyst meetings. He’s always mindful of the support and engagements with non-execs, when he guides, advises and supports the executive teams of the companies he works with.

He believes in leveraging his network, as part of his role and if valuable joining meetings with Banks, PE firms, investors, customers and attending the annual analyst meetings.

Some of the positions he held as of today, were non-executive board memberships of NCR-Japan (Chairman), Avaya Deutschland AG, Symbol Technology’s EMEA, (sold to Nvidia April’22)

Currently, he serves as advisory board member of the London Technology Club

Since 2018, Michael is also certified as Swiss-VR, by ZfU