Mergers and Acquisitions

As a dynamic and accomplished senior executive who has been part of enterprise investment councils at Avaya and NCR, I’ve participated in and led several acquisition teams, handling transactions ranking from less than $10m (30 FTE) to almost $1B (>4,000 FTE). Additionally, my role as a VP in EMEA after Symbol Technologies was acquired by Motorola gave me an insight how the humans of acquired companies feel and behave.

A leader who establishes and focus on core pillars:

  • Unbiased view on business case assumptions
  • Actively supporting due diligence activities (Culture, Go To Market, Product overlap & innovation, Service footprint, quality & performance)
  • Guide post merge processes

I can offer an unbiased view on your business case assumptions, actively supporting especially the non-financial (?) side of the due diligence (Culture, Go To Market, Product overlap and innovation, Service footprint, quality and performance) and would be more than interested to guide the upcoming post merge processes, as this is the time when a lot of acquisitions break down.

Go To Market

Are you running a direct business, indirect businesses, or an GTM approach which has a bit of both? Are you national, multinational or global? Are you transforming from HW to Solutions, to e2e HW-SW-Services, to Service first, to SW first…?
I have seen it all and am able to share potential pitfalls with you to help prevent you falling into them in the first place. I can assess your cultural, sales, product-readiness and outline all the possible steps that may be ahead of you, being fully taken care of, when you’ll start the process.


Product Management and
Product Lifecycle Management

Here I’m referring to my ability giving you an outside view of your product lifecycle curve, being able to challenge your Product Mgm and R&D leadership depending where they are in the needed innovation cycles, tools, transformation (waterfall, agile, sprints…) to replace cash-cow-products which are overaged and on the downwards trajectory.

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

How are you approaching a world of co-opetition? Are you used to partner with your competitor on basis of OEM, or project-based relationships? Do you need to find partners for your international expansion, to share risk in big projects, to win a project which is part of a much bigger undertaking of a customer and you’d become a “sub”? Happy to run such discovery sessions with you and your leadership team.

Advice and consulting to PEs/VCs/Hedge Funds/Family Offices and individuals owning or want to buy assets in the Retail-Tech, Unified Communication-/ Contact Center-Tech and Fin-Tech space

Investor in Startups with engagement in the areas of scaling up, exit strategies, as well as supporting in pre-seed-/seed-/bridge-/seriesX-rounds